Photo of horse Toby


Photo of Sue Ruddock having a gridwork lesson

Sue Ruddock having gridwork lesson

Photo of Alice Reynolds jumping on horse Popsy

Alice Reynolds on Popsy

Photo of Katy Wilson on horse Jemima

Katy Wilson on Jemima

Photo of Beverley Gould on horse Wurzel

Beverley Gould on Wurzel

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Reporting of equine incidents

The BHS has asked us to promote the use of a website for reporting equine incidents (for example low flying aircraft, dog attacks, road accidents etc. where a third party is involved). However careful we are, accidents do happen and the BHS wants to be able to quantify how many occur so they can lobby those in power to bring about change, but they need evidence. I hope none of you is involved in any serious incidents but if you are unfortunate enough to be please report the details via


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